Solar Powered Owl

Solar Powered Owl

If you’ve read my article about how to keep birds out of your fruit trees, you will notice that one of my recommendations is to put a fake predator. like this solar powered owl, in or near your trees. This is designed to scare away the birds and stop them from stealing all of your fruit.

solar powered owl

This solar powered owl is ideal to place near your fruit trees to stop the birds from stealing your fruit. It has flashing eyes and a rotating head. It also makes realistic hooting sounds. Plus, it has a motion sensor that will activate it whenever there are birds nearby. It also has a mute function so that you don’t annoy your neighbours during the night.

Ideally, you would place this statue near your fruit trees, whether you sit it on a post, attach it to the top of the fence or maybe sit it on a vertical branch right in the tree. Remember to move it around occasionally so that the birds think that it’s real. This will certainly help to keep your fruit a little safer from being stolen by the local birds.

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  • The solar-powered owl is eco-friendly and requires no additional power source.
  • The realistic hoot and flashing eyes make the owl a convincing predator to birds and other pests.
  • The mute option allows for flexibility in use, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor decoration.


  • The owl may not be effective against all types of birds and pests.
  • The sensor may not always activate the hoot and flashing eyes, making it less effective at deterring pests.
  • The solar charging system may not always keep the onboard battery charged, requiring additional charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a fake owl?

Fake owls, like this solar powered owl, are used to scare away birds. Think of them as an upgrade on the scarecrow. Owls are the natural predators of many other smaller birds that you may want to keep away from your fruit trees.

What do you do to ensure that your fake owl remains effective?

If you just place your fake owl near your fruit trees and forget about it, it will very quickly lose its effectiveness. This is because the birds will soon realise that the owl is fake. In order to maintain its effectiveness, you have to move the owl around frequently.

Will fake owls scare away any other animals?

As owls also predate on rodents such as mice and rats, fake owls can be effective in keeping these out of your garden. Just remember to move the owl around frequently.

Final Thoughts

If you’re growing fruit trees in your garden, no doubt you’re going to be fighting with the local bird population for your harvest. Why not give this solar powered owl a try as it might help to keep the birds away? Just be sure to move it around often so that the birds don’t realise that it’s fake.

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