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Annette Hird

Horticulturist | Gardening Expert | Plant Enthusiast | Passionate about Sustainable Gardening

I’ve always loved gardening and plants but decided to turn my passion into a career in the 1990s.

I studied for my Associate Diploma in Applied Science – Horticulture, remotely and completed it in 1996. At the same time, I put some of what I was learning into practice by maintaining a large homestead garden. This included mowing, weeding and tending large ornamental garden beds and looking after a grove of fruit trees and a lovely rose garden.

After completing my studies, I started working in a commercial propagation nursery. We propagated plants from cuttings to supply the retail trade. In those days, conditions were very different to now and we were paid for the number of cuttings we produced on a daily basis. This meant that I had to work efficiently and quickly to produce a decent number of cuttings on a daily basis.

I moved on from this, after a couple of years or so, and worked in a council-run nursery for a period of time before changing direction again. What I loved most about working in a propagation nursery was the knowledge and hands-on experience that I gained.

Plus, there was one other advantage! If there were young plants that were not good enough for the retail trade, we were allowed to take them home. I ended up creating an entire suburban garden from these. All it took was just a little care.

Since then, I’ve spent many years tending and improving numerous gardens. These were mostly part of the homes that I lived in over the years.

Then, in 2013, I started this website so that I could share my passion and knowledge with others. While this project has been a little stop-start for me, I continue to focus on providing useful information for my readers.

The Joining Of Two Passions

Around 2017, I decided to embark professionally on my other passion, which is writing. This has provided me with much-needed income and the realisation of a life-long dream. While I’ve written on numerous topics for different clients, what I enjoy most is writing about plants and gardening.

So, I plan to continue to provide my readers with useful information. I hope that this will help you along your gardening journey. And, I hope you get as much pleasure from your garden as I do from mine.

Hire Me!

As a professional freelance writer, I love to write both for this website as well as for clients who may like to engage my services to craft engaging content for their own sites.

Whether you have a website related to gardening or you’re a plant retailer who needs help with plant descriptions and how-to-grow guides, I’m here to help.

I can craft engaging and interesting:

  • Articles
  • Web Pages
  • Plant Descriptions
  • How-to-Grow Guides
  • eBooks
  • Emails
  • Social Media Posts

You can see some other examples of my work on these gardening sites:

You can also view additional samples of my work not related to gardening, at my other site https://portablepete.com where I create product review articles and related posts about an extensive range of products for people on the move.

So, if you’re interested in taking advantage of my extensive knowledge and expertise, why not get in touch so we can discuss your needs? You can email me at easyurbangardens@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you.

Need Expert Advice?

Just recently, I’ve helped journalists who write for various online publications with advice on a range of gardening topics.

You can see some mentions of me on:

So, if you’re a journalist looking for some expert advice or quotes for an article you’re compiling, please reach out and I’ll be happy to assist. Once again, you can contact me at easyurbangardens@gmail.com

Do I Get Compensated For Any Products I Recommend?

In some of my articles, you’ll find links to products that I might recommend. I receive a small commission whenever one of my readers clicks a link and purchases a product. While this comes at no extra cost to you, I only recommend products that I either use myself or have researched extensively. This allows me to spend my time writing articles that I hope you will find useful.