Large 5 Tier Vertical Garden Towers

Large 5 Tier Vertical Garden Towers

When you’re short on space, a vertical garden is ideal for growing herbs, vegetables and even flowers. Large 5 tier vertical garden towers can easily be used to grow a whole range of herbs in the same structure. The way that most of these towers are set up, allows the water to flow from the top tier down to the bottom ones. This makes watering quick and easy.

You can also use these towers to grow a range of leafy green vegetables that have shallow root systems such as lettuce, spinach and kale. And, if you’re fond of flowers, you can even have another tower that you use to plant annuals in to give your garden space some colour. Or, consider planting edible flowers like nasturtiums in your garden tower.

The good news with these towers is that you can even plant a collection of herbs, vegetables and flowers in the same planter. This is particularly useful if you only have a very small outdoor space like a patio or balcony. To get you started, here’s a selection of 5 different vertical garden towers that you might like to try.

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1. 5-Tier Vertical Garden Planter With Large Rectangular Pots On A Rust-Proof Frame

2. GreenStalk Large 5 Tier Vertical Garden Planter with Patented Internal Watering System

3. Mr Stacky 5 Tier Vertical Garden Tower with 20 Planting Spaces

4. Smart Farm Automatic Self Watering 5 Tier Vertical Garden Tower that you can also use for Hydroponics

5. AgroSci Garden Wall Planter Kit with Integrated Watering System Suitable for Mounting onto a Fence or Wall

Frequently Asked Questions

What grows best in these vertical garden towers?

You can grow many different types of herbs and shallow-rooted vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and kale. These planters are also ideal for growing strawberries.

How do you water these vertical towers?

In most cases, you just have to water the top layer as the overflow will trickle down in all the layers below.

What do you fill the planter with?

Use a premium quality potting mix to fill the planters. Make sure that the mix can drain well.

Final Thoughts

Vertical garden towers are a great way to grow a variety of different plants in a small space because you’re growing vertically. These garden towers are perfect for placing on your balcony, veranda or out in your patio. Once you start using a vertical garden tower, you’ll be pleasantly surprised of what you can grow.

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