Keeping Unwanted Pests Out Of Your Garden

Keeping Unwanted Pests Out Of Your Garden

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If you garden, chances are you take pride in watching your plants grow and produce flowers or delicious things to eat. However, what do you do when your plants become the target of bugs, rodents, and other small critters? Whether located on a high-rise terrace or in a greenhouse, all gardens run the risk of being destroyed by predators. With careful analysis of the situation, there are ways to rid your plants of these obnoxious unwanted pests and restore your garden to optimum health.

Check Your Plants For Unwanted Pests

Examing plants for pests

The best way to keep insects out of your garden is to examine your plants regularly. Insects, especially, are more likely to target unhealthy and diseased plants. Take the time to tend to your garden a few times a week. If you find discolored or damaged leaves, take care of it and remove them. Also, be sure to water your plants as necessary and keep them in nutrient-rich soil. You will also want to keep weeds out of your urban garden as they tend to create the perfect habitat for pesky bugs. A healthy garden is the best defense against annoying insects!

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Fight Fire with Fire

Using bugs to get rid of bugs sounds a bit counter-intuitive. However, there are a multitude of different insects that are natural predators to other bugs that want to destroy your garden. Ladybugs, wasps, and lacewings all eat aphids, which are little bugs that can destroy your plants. Beetles, lizards, and frogs all prey on slugs. By determining what type of insects you are having problems with, you can then figure out how to attract more desirable bugs to help rid your garden of the plant-eaters.

Create an Unsafe Border

If you are dealing with caterpillars, slugs, and snails, you can create an unsafe border to keep them out. This will make it difficult for them to cross over and feed on your plants. Crushing eggshells beneath the targeted plants or along the perimeter of your garden will help to keep them at bay.

Use HerbsFennel, Sweet fennel, Florence fennel, Finocchio, Foeniculum vul

Did you know that herbs such as mint, fennel, catnip, basil, citronella, and lemongrass are natural ways to repel insects? By planting them alongside your garden plants, you’re creating a bug barrier from harmful pests. Aphids, beetles, and slugs will all keep away once they smell these scents looming over your garden. If your urban garden doesn’t have room for more plants, consider using essential oils or extracts from these plants. By mixing a few drops with water, you create a solution that can be sprayed on plants and soil to keep bugs away. As an added bonus, most will act as fungus and mildew prevention as well.

Nontoxic Poisons

There are plenty of different household items that are safe for humans and pets but act as poisons to insects. Flour, salt, and beer can all be applied to soil and plants to help deter bugs, slugs and snails from wandering into your garden. Coffee grounds are another accessible item to sprinkle through your soil. Cats and slugs will be sure to stay away. Plus, the coffee will actually improve the acidity of your soil and can improve the growth of your plants! Because most animals have sensitive senses of smell, using other strong scents–such as soaps and perfumes–can help to keep larger critters–such as birds and mice–away from your growing flora.

Pesticide sprayBug and Pest Repellents

If going natural isn’t your style, feel free to stop by your local home and gardening store. There are plenty of pest repellents that can be used in your garden. However, be aware that some of these might be dangerous if used around pets and children. There are also many different critter and insect traps that can be placed around your garden to trap any unwanted predators. Using ultrasonic bug-repelling devices is another great way to keep the bugs away without having to use harsh chemicals.

Call a Professional

It can be difficult to know which type of bugs and critters you are dealing with. In some cases, these pests might be too small to see without close inspection. Some might even be more active at night when you aren’t around. If you are at your wit’s end with the critters and insects in your garden, leave it to the experts. Professional pest control companies will know exactly how to rid your garden of critters without damaging the plants. With their help, you will be able to establish which types of bugs are in your garden and how to take care of the problem.

Don’t let your garden become the prey of critters. By taking the time to establish what the problem is, you can figure out the best way to rid your plants of the infestation. Soon, you will be on your way to a healthy and insect-free garden!

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