Best Pruning Shears: Felco Pruning Shears & Secateurs

Best Pruning Shears: Felco Pruning Shears & Secateurs

When it comes to purchasing pruning tools it really pays to buy the best that you can afford.  Consequently, a good quality pair of Felco pruning shears or secateurs will last you many years especially if you look after them.

Why Good Pruners Are So Important

My Felco Secateurs

I have a pair of Felcos which I purchased when I was doing my Associate Diploma in Horticulture way back in 1993 and they’re still going strong.  When I first finished my Diploma I worked in propagation for a number of years and used to produce at least a couple of hundred cuttings a day.  Back then I was paid a piece rate so the more I could produce, the more I was paid.  Additionally, not only did I have to cut the plant material to size and reduce some of the leaf growth but I also had to take a small sliver off the bottom of the stem to make rooting easier.

As you can imagine, it’s absolutely necessary to have a sharp, reliable tool for this kind of intricate work.

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Here’s a photo of my trusted secateurs and yes, they do need a good clean, but they never let me down!

So, let’s look at some of the features and benefits of these high-quality pruning shears:

Features Of The Felco Pruners:

  • The sharp blades are made from strong, high-quality hardened steel.
  • The forged aluminum red handles are lightweight and fit very nicely into the hand.
  • The handles also feature ergonomic grips for greater handling comfort.
  • The carbon steel blades include a wire-cutting notch.
  • The locking mechanism is easy to operate using just your thumb.
  • The pruners come with a limited lifetime guarantee.
  • There’s a manually adjustable center bolt for aligning the play between the cutting blade and the anvil counter blade.
  • They’re available in different models to suit small or large hands and are also available for left-handers.
  • Additionally, replacement parts are available including blades and springs.

The Main Benefits Of These Pruners:

  • The blades won’t break, bend or warp and stay sharp for a very long time.
  • Their ease of use is exceptional and their ability to achieve clean cuts is second to none 
  • Clean cuts ensure the quick healing of the pruning wound
  • Because the handles fit so well into your hand there’s less chance of cutting fatigue and they feel so comfortable to use.
  • There’s a sap groove that prevents the blades from sticking and means you don’t have to keep stopping to clean your shears if you’re cutting particularly ‘sappy wood‘.
  • There’s no need to carry a separate wire snip while out in the garden.
  • Different models are available so you can find the perfect Felco model to suit your hand size. Even smaller hands will find a comfortable pair.

Now let’s look at the different models available:

felco f2 pruners

Felco F-2 Classic Anvil Pruners

Best All-Round Pruners for Everyday Use

These are the basic Felco pruners that you might want to start with. They have a standard anvil blade with a sap groove.

The blades are made from toughened steel and there’s also a wire cutter groove which is quite handy.

The pruners also have rubber shock absorbers to avoid excessive strain on your wrist. Even while using these for extended periods on a daily basis, I never experienced any wrist strain even though I tend to be prone to this.

These secateurs are suitable for all types of pruning and fit comfortably in your hand.

You’ll also appreciate the easy blade change when it’s time to add replacement blades.


  • Lightweight and durable aluminium alloy handles with phthalate-free handle grips
  • High-quality hardened steel blades with a wire-cutting notch
  • Replaceable anvil blade with sap groove and rubber cushion shock absorbers


  • Expensive compared to other brands of pruning shears
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty pruning tasks such as cutting thick branches and dead wood
  • May require frequent sharpening if used frequently

Felco F5 Hand Pruners

Best Pruners for Beginners

These basic Felco pruners have a narrow anvil blade made from hardened steel. This allows you to cut branches closer to the trunk of the tree or shrub.

The handles are made from forged aluminum. The pruners are well-balanced to sit comfortably in your hand.


  • The ergonomic design reduces wrist fatigue, making it comfortable to use for extended periods.
  • The narrow anvil blade allows easy access to twiggy branches and assures a close cut to the trunk.
  • The high-quality construction of forged aluminium handles and hardened steel blades ensures durability and long-lasting use.


  • The price point is higher than other brands of pruning shears on the market.
  • The pruner is not suitable for larger branches or thicker stems.
  • The handle may be too small for those with larger hands.
Felco F5 Pruners

Felco F7 pruners

Felco F7 Pruners

Top of the Range Felco Pruners

These ultra-durable Felcos have a soft comfortable handle and are particularly suitable for larger hands. The handle is revolving for better ergonomics and shock absorption.

The blades are made from hardened steel and, like all Felco pruners, are replaceable. There’s also a wire cutter and a sap groove so that the pruners don’t get gummed up.


  • The rotating handle allows for natural finger movement and reduces hand fatigue.
  • The swivel action requires up to thirty per cent less effort than conventional models, making it easier to use for extended periods.
  • The narrow, pointed blade design allows for close pruning and precise cuts.


  • The Felco Ergo Rotating Handle Hand Pruner is more expensive than many other brands of pruning shears on the market.
  • The swivelling handle may initially feel strange, but you’ll quickly get used to it.
  • The pruner is only recommended for cutting twigs and plants with a diameter not larger than 2.5 cm.

Felco F9 Pruners

Best Left-Handed Pruners

The Felco F9 pruners are specially designed for left-handed people. They have forged aluminum handles and hardened steel blades

The handles can be rotated and feature ergonomic shock absorbers for extra comfort. There is also a wire cutter and a sap groove.


  • Ergonomic design with rotating handle and shock absorbers for increased comfort
  • Hardened steel blades and screw-mounted anvil blade ensure clean, precise cuts
  • Features a cushion stop, sap-groove, wire-cutting notch, and fine blade adjustment


  • Smaller than expected, may not be suitable for larger hands
  • Higher price point compared to other brands of pruning shears on the market
  • May require frequent sharpening with heavy use
Felco F9 pruners

Felco F160s pruners

Felco F160S Pruners

Best Comfort Pruners

The F160S pruners feature composite fiber handles for extra comfort. They also have hardened steel blades.

These secateurs are suitable for all types of pruning and all parts are replaceable. They also have a wire cutter and a sap groove.


  • Lightweight and durable handles made of high-resistance composite fiber
  • Easy and durable cutting adjustment
  • Angled cutting head for maximum comfort and reduced risk of injury


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty pruning tasks
  • May not be ideal for people with larger hands
  • Expensive compared to other brands of pruning shears on the market

Felco Rose Pruners

Best Pruners for Rose Growers

This Felco tool is specially designed for people who grow and prune roses. They have a special blade attachment that will hold the stem after you cut it. This makes cutting and pruning roses so much easier and safer and means no more thorns getting stuck into your fingers.


  • The cut-and-hold feature allows you to prune flowers without damaging them, making it easier to keep your garden looking beautiful.
  • The forged aluminium handles and high-quality tempered steel blade and counterblade make this pruning shear durable and long-lasting.
  • This is the best pruner for those on a budget as it’s excellent value for money


  • The spring may not be powerful enough to open the clipper for some users, making it difficult to use.
  • The clipper may bind, making it harder to prune effectively.
  • These shears may not be suitable for larger-diameter stems.

Felco rose pruners

How They’re Made

For those of you who like to see how things are made here is a video from Felco showing their production and the amazing machinery they use in the manufacture:

YouTube video

How To Maintain Your Pruners:

  • Most importantly, wipe down with a soft cloth dampened with warm, soapy water after each use.
  • For more thorough cleaning you can use methylated spirits which will also help to disinfect them.
  • Additionally, after your secateurs are completely dry you can apply a little oil to the blades.  And, you can purchase special Felco lubricant spray or just use vegetable oil or sewing machine oil.
  • Also, you can sharpen the blades with a sharpening stone or you can even replace them if they have any damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Felco pruners worth the money?

Absolutely! My first pair of Felco secateurs lasted me more than 30 years before I finally replaced them with a shiny new pair. In the early days, they had a massive amount of use as I was a professional propagator and used them extensively on a daily basis. When I moved on from that profession, I continued to use my trusty Felcos in my own garden for all manner of pruning jobs on at least a weekly basis. This is definitely a testament to their quality.

What is the most popular Felco?

The Felco F2s are the most popular in the range and the ones that I have. They’re versatile, easy to use and never let me down.

Where are Felco shears made?

Felco pruners are made in Switzerland and have been regarded as the highest-quality pruning tools for over 75 years.

Final Thoughts

There’s no question that I love my Felco secateurs. They are absolutely the best pruners on the market and never let me down. Felco secateurs are made from the finest materials and are excellent value for money when you consider that my first pair lasted for over 30 years.

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  1. Zac Spade

    I like the felco pruning shears are good too

    A great value brand of shears IMO

    Although i do prefer a spring to the metal spring mechanism that felco uses. Ever got your finger caught in one of those things? Ouch

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