Best 5 Static Outdoor Compost Bins

Best 5 Static Outdoor Compost Bins

Further to my article on making your own compost, I wanted to give you some recommendations on the best 5 static outdoor compost bins. These are designed for people who have some backyard space and can place one of these types of composters in a spot that is easily accessible.

I have one of these types of composters in my own garden and love how simple they are to use. When selecting bins that I would recommend, my main aim was to ensure that the compost bin had lift-up flaps at the bottom. This means that you can continue to add waste to the top but can harvest the finished compost from the base of the bin easily.

I was also keen to select compost bins that were environmentally friendly and made from recycled materials. This means that not only are we practising sustainable gardening by composting, but we’re also selecting effective tools that help the environment by recycling materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.

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After all, we don’t purchase compost bins for their aesthetics but rather for their functionality. However, if you really don’t like the look of the compost bin, you can always disguise it by enclosing it inside a fence or planting some nice shrubs around it. Just make sure that you still have access to the lift-up flaps so that you can easily harvest the compost when you need it.

So, here are my top 5 choices.

1. Algreen Classic Compost Bin made from BPA free Recycled Materials with 2 Lift Up Flaps

2. Garden Composter Bin made from Recycled Plastic with 2 Lift Up Flaps

3. Garden Compost Bin made from environmentally friendly BPA Free Material with 1 Lift Up Flap

4. Vivosun Compost Bin made from Durable PP Plastic with 1 Lift Up Flap

5. Goplus Compost Bin made from BPA Free Materials with 1 Lift Up Flap

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a static compost bin work?

Static compost bins are much better at creating compost faster because they’re fully enclosed so the contents get hotter to break down faster. Using a bin is also much cleaner because any odors are contained within the bin and rodents and insects can’t get to the composting material.

Where should you locate your compost bin?

It’s a good idea to put your compost bin in a corner of your garden that is out of sight but still gets some sunlight.

Should you place your compost bin on grass or concrete?

It’s actually far better to put your compost bin on grass or soil. This will allow earthworms to get in and help to break up the composting material.

Final Thoughts

Having a static compost bin in your garden will allow you to repurpose all those kitchen scraps, grass clippings and dried leaves and turn them into free fertiliser for your garden.

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