Plan Your Perfect Vegetable Garden With The Garden Planner

Garden PlannerMost people have plans drawn up when building a new home or extension and landscapers draw up plans to create new landscapes so why should we not draw up a plan for a successful vegetable garden.

A well thought out plan of your vegetable growing areas can ensure that you’re planting the correct varieties in the right spots so they get sufficient sunlight and nutrients and provide the bumper crop that you’re looking for.

While this may sound like a fantastic idea, most of us are not architects or landscape designers and probably wouldn’t know where to start.

Introducing The Garden Planner.

The Garden Planner is an interactive online garden planning program which makes it so much easier to draw out your entire vegetable garden area and guides you on what to plant where and when.

This fantastic tool has a library of over 130 edible plants including fruits, vegetables and herbs and is adaptable to your own growing zone by using a database of over 5000 weather stations world wide.

It doesn’t matter whether you grow in the ground, in raised beds or even in pots, you can plan it all out by using the Garden Planner.

Here are some questions that The Garden Planner will help you answer:

Garden Planner Demo Plan

How many plants should you plant in your raised bed or garden plot?

You can easily determine how many plants of a particular variety will comfortably grow in each space meaning no more overcrowding or competing for nutrients and water therefore producing healthier and happier plants.

Crop rotationHow can you remember what you planted last season to better utilize crop rotation?

One thing I really like about this tool is that it keeps a record of what you’ve grown where to allow much easier crop rotation in successive seasons.  This is extremely important not only to avoid soil borne pathogens which can build up over a number of seasons but also ensures that the plants you are growing can get the correct nutrients that they need from the growing medium.

When you drag a new vegetable variety onto the grid the area will flash red to warn you that you had planted a vegetable variety from the same family in that space in a previous season.  You can choose to ignore this if you wish especially if you have a very small growing area but it will enable you to determine exactly what type of nutrients are probably low in that particular growing area.

What should you plant this week or month to fully utilize your growing space?

Using the Garden Planner you can create your own personalized planting chart showing you when to sow and plant each variety and also when your crops should be ready for harvest allowing you to plan successive plantings very easily.  This means no more empty spaces in your garden beds because you haven’t thought ahead far enough to decide what to plant next.

You’ll also receive an email reminder twice a month to let you know what you should be planting in that particular month.  This is completely optional and you can turn it on or off as you wish.


What seeds should you sow this week or how many seedlings do you need to purchase?

You can even print out the planting chart and take it with you when shopping for seedlings or seeds.

Plus if you start your vegetables and herbs from seed you’ll easily be able to work out when to sow the seeds so that your seedlings are ready to plant out as soon as space becomes available meaning they won’t stay in your greenhouse for too long and become leggy.

Will growing in a greenhouse shorten the growing time needed for harvest?

With the Garden Planner you can even put in things like greenhouses, compost bins and other garden items to give you a complete picture of your garden and growing area.

It automatically adjusts the growing time if you intend to grow in a greenhouse or use a cold frame – how clever is that!

Will the Garden Planner work for square foot gardening?Square foot garden plan

Yes, absolutely!  Incorporated into the garden planner is a special ‘square foot gardening’ mode which allows you to plan out your square foot raised garden beds and will advise exactly how many plants of each variety are best planted in each square foot.

What materials do you need to install an irrigation system?

If you plan to install irrigation in your garden you can also add this into the plan and the planner can then calculate how much you will need of each component so that you have a ready made shopping list when you go to buy your materials.

Plant growing guideWhat if you don’t know how to grow a certain variety of fruit or vegetable?

Luckily, the 130 plants supported by this program come with detailed growing information with just the click of your mouse plus you can add your own notes for referring to in years to come.

The plant growing guides include what type of soil the plant prefers, whether to plant in full sun or semi shade, if the plant will tolerate frost, what type of fertilizer is preferred, companion plants plus optimum plant spacings and how and when to plant in the garden.

Easy to use software with nothing to download.

The software is extremely intuitive and easy to use and there are built-in tutorial videos to help you along the way.  There’s nothing to download or install either as the Garden Planner uses Adobe Flash Player which most people already have on their computers.  There is even an app available for iPad and iPhone users.

Try it Free for 30 Days!

The Interactive Vegetable Garden Planner is free to try for 30 days and if you find it invaluable and want to continue using it the annual subscription is only US $25.  Personally, I think thats fantastic value for such a useful tool.

You can visit The Garden Planner’s official website, watch the introductory video and try it for Free right now!

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